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Welcome to our Webstore. 

Our goal is to allow our patients to have the ease & convenience of the now popular online ordering with doorstep delivery.  Although this method may be ideal for smaller re-orders as you run low in your supplys, to provide you with the best health care, we always encourage our 1 year package which includes extensive services that are unavailable online.

If re-orderring within the prescribed period, this 1year re-order package includes:


  1. a comprehensive eye exam
  2. a contact lens evaluation (to confirm corneal health including oxygen supply)
  3. 1 year supply of disposable CLs
  4. 1 year supply of solutions
  5. often a substantial rebate as well

This provides phenomenal value without compromising long term health care & maximizes visual accuracy.  Please call the above phone # to book your appt. before re-orderring.

Soon we will be including fashion Sunglasses in this webstore at significantly reduced cost compared to retail.  Keep checking in for new products!










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