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Welcome to the Mountain Eye Care Web Store

We trust you will enjoy the ease of buying your contact lenses on-line and the convenience of having them delivered right to your home. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are ready to help you find the best eye health outcomes and we are committed to extending this service to delivering your prescriptions right to your door.

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    Dr. K. Ahokas, Dr. J. Schenk, Dr. P. Zaugg, and Dr. A Chadda have personally approved all contact lenses available in our webstore.  The materials used are of the highest standard and are suited for your best corneal physiology according to your prescription and ocular health.  Your contact lenses are a medical device and should only be used as prescribed by your doctor.  Patients who purchase through OUR webstore are eligible for our in-office benefits.  Please see our contact lens policy for more information. Your account has your specific lens material specified for your convenience. 

We hope you enjoy the convenience of the MEC Web Store!