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Welcome to the Dunbar Eyecare Optometry webstore! We have combined the convenience of online ordering with the professional care and authentic products you can trust from our clinic. We guarantee to only supply the contact lenses that were professionally chosen for you to ensure healthy, comfortable and safe contact lens wear. Your lenses will arrive at your door within days of placing your order.

Our Doctors are still the best resource for any contact lens related questions you have. Please feel free to contact us at 604-263-8874 any time with questions. In the event that you are due for your annual contact lens follow up appointment or routine eye exam, we will contact you for the necessary booking to help you maintain excellent ocular health.

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TIP: Purchasing your lenses in certain volumes will qualify you for instant rebates from our office, mail in rebates from the manufacturer, and free shipping. Keep this in mind when you order to receive the most competitive rates on your lenses and maximize your value for money. No other hidden charges or taxes apply.

With your contact lens purchase from Dunbar Eyecare you receive:
  • A complimentary exchange of unopened, non-expired contact lens boxes if your prescription changes.
  • Replacement of ripped or damaged lenses with a lens of identical quality.
  • Follow up with an Optometrist if you are concerned about red eyes.